BoarBuster Documentation

System Overview

The BoarBuster electronics consists of a Camera Unit and a Trap Unit.

The Camera Unit is attached to a t-post which is driven into the ground approximately 20 to 25 feet from the center of the suspended corral.  The Camera Unit should be mounted approximately 4 feet off the ground, with the camera pointed towards the center of the corral.

The Trap Unit is a gray waterproof box which is mounted on the corral, and connected with a four pin cable to the corral latch.

The Camera Unit communicates with the Trap Unit via a short range “Zigbee” radio.  The Camera Unit communicates with the BoarBuster server via a 3G cellular radio.  To conserve battery, most of the time the Camera Unit is in a low power “sleep” mode.  The unit only fully awakens when motion is detected, or when a command is received from the server.  For more details on the sleep/wake operation, see the section titled “Sleep/Wake Modes”.

About Batteries and Runtime

Both the Camera Unit and the Trap Unit operate off eight AA batteries.  The batteries should give approximately seven to ten days of operation in the Camera Unit, assuming typical usage.  A typical week of usage is defined as approximately 25 minutes of live video streaming, and 50 motion alert notifications.  In the Trap Unit, a set of batteries should give approximately one month of operation.

The approximate battery level of both the Camera Unit and Trap Unit are shown on the LCD screen of the Camera Unit as well as via the BoarBuster website and smartphone applications.

When inserting the batteries in each unit, take care to observe the battery orientation indicators on the battery holders.  Inserting a battery backwards may result in the battery overheating and possibly leaking fluid into the unit.

In cold weather, it is recommended to use lithium AA batteries.  While more expensive, lithium batteries have more capacity and better performance in cold weather.

It is possible to use an external rechargeable battery with both the Camera Unit and Trap Unit.  The batteries supported are standard 12V lead-acid batteries.  The batteries should not be recharged while still connected to the Camera or Trap Units.

Trap Unit

The Trap Unit is mounted to the trap using the four included brackets, screws, and bolts/nuts.  Never drill any holes into the Trap Unit box, as this will compromise its weatherproof seal.  When in use, always make sure the door is securely closed and latched to maintain the weatherproof seal.

The Trap Unit batteries are held in place using a plastic plate which is tightened down with thumb screws.  If this plate it not used, the batteries will likely pop out of the battery holders when the suspended corral is dropped.

The Trap Unit does not have a power switch.  When the batteries are inserted, it will immediately power on.  The Trap Unit awakens every 16 seconds and checks to see if it can talk to the Camera Unit via its short range Zigbee radio.  If it can’t hear the Camera Unit, it will enter a low power sleep mode.  The “power” LED of the Trap Unit only illuminates when the unit is awake.  If the device is operating normally, the power LED should blink briefly every 16 seconds.

The Trap Unit has a “test” button.  Pressing this button will actuate the latch and drop the trap.  This button should only be used to test the latch when the trap is already on the ground, or when the safety cable is attached.  The test button should not be used to fully drop the unit as it doing so would require the operator be in too close a proximity to the trap.


For detailed instructions on Trap Unit assembly, please visit:

The External Antenna Kit allows you to improve your AT&T cellular signal in marginal areas. The kit consists of a high-gain dual-band antenna, 15 feet of coaxial cable, a mounting plate, and Velcro cinch straps.

*The kit requires the user to supply their own extension pole.  These poles are available at virtually all hardware stores, and are sold for use in painting, changing light bulbs, etc.  A few examples of poles which are suitable for use with the external antenna kit are:

Mr. Long Arm model 3212 (12ft) from Amazon

Mr. Long Arm model 2324 (23ft) from Home Depot

Mr. Long Arm model 2324 (23ft) from Lowes

These poles have an ACME thread, designed to work with paint rollers and other accessories.  The BoarBuster external antenna kit includes an adapter which allows the high-gain cellular antenna to be mounted to any extension pole with this universal ACME thread (3/4″ diameter, 5 threads per inch)

Attach the white digital antenna to the mounting plate by inserting the slotted antenna base into the antenna mounting hole on the top side of the plate. Secure the antenna by tightening the nut.
Thread the extension pole* into the bottom of the mounting plate as shown.

Connect the coax cable to the antenna base by fastening the 3/4 inch make cable connector to the antenna base.
Connect the opposite end of the cable to the BoarBuster Camera Unit by fastening the 1/4 inch male cable connector to the antenna input on the outside of the unit.

Drive a standard T-post into the ground next to the BoarBuster Camera Unit
Use the supplied Velcro cinch straps to tighten and secure the extension pole* against the entire length of the T-post.

For best performance, raise the pole to a height necessary for achieving three or more bars of reception.

The external battery kit allows you to power your camera unit for longer periods of time.  The kit uses a rechargeable 8 amp-hour, 12 volt Lead Acid battery.

The iOS app is available in Apple’s “App Store” for free download.

The BoarBuster Android App is available in the Google Play store for free download.