Both the Camera Unit and the Trap Unit operate off eight AA batteries. The batteries should give approximately seven to ten days of operation in the Camera Unit, assuming typical usage. A typical week of usage is defined as approximately 25 minutes of live video streaming, and 50 motion alert notifications. In the Trap Unit, a set of batteries should give approximately one month of operation.

The approximate battery level of both the Camera Unit and Trap Unit are shown on the LCD screen of the Camera Unit as well as via the BoarBuster website and smartphone applications.

When inserting the batteries in each unit, take care to observe the battery orientation indicators on the battery holders. Inserting a battery backwards may result in the battery overheating and possibly leaking fluid into the unit.
In cold weather, it is recommended to use lithium AA batteries. While more expensive, lithium batteries have more capacity and better performance in cold weather.

It is possible to use an external rechargeable battery with both the Camera Unit and Trap Unit. The batteries supported are standard 12V lead-acid batteries. The batteries should not be recharged while still connected to the Camera or Trap Units.