The BoarBuster electronics consist of a Camera Unit and a Trap Unit.

The Camera Unit includes a black-and-white camera, IR illuminators for better night-time video, a motion sensor, and a 3G cellular radio.


The Camera Unit is attached to a T-post which is driven into the ground approximately 20 to 25 feet from the center of the suspended corral.  The Camera Unit should be mounted approximately 4 feet off the ground, with the camera pointed towards the center of the corral.



The Trap Unit is a gray waterproof box which is mounted on the corral, and connected with a four pin cable to the corral latch.

Trap Unit Housing

The Camera Unit communicates with the Trap Unit via a short range “Zigbee” radio.  The Camera Unit communicates with the BoarBuster server via the 3G cellular radio.  To conserve battery, most of the time the Camera Unit is in a low power “sleep” mode.  The unit only fully awakens when motion is detected, or when a command is received from the server.  For more details on the sleep/wake operation, see the section titled “Sleep/Wake Modes”.